The pressuremeter tests are performed in situ and allow to obtain geotechnical data in the most direct and reliable possible way. With the pressumeters it is also obtained instantaneous results, allowing tracking the ground and making a more accurate campaign.

The pressuremeter tests are direct test on the ground where it is studied the response of the ground in front of a controlled and gradually increased pressure. This pressure is applied in the ground through a probe introduced in the borehole, and this way, the obtained results avoid the alterations that occur when samples are taken for laboratory results.

With the pressuremeter it can be directly obtained the pressuremeter module (Ep), Shear modulus (Gp), unloading modulus (Eu), reloading modulus (Er), creep pressure (Pf) and limit pressure (Pl).

And, from these values it can also be obtained this other values, like cohesion (Cu), friction angle ( f ), module eodometer (Eed), coefficient of earth pressure (Ko) and shear strength (Su)

The pressuremeter tests can be performed in all types of terrain.


    • The Oyo Pressuremeter can reach pressures up to 20Mpa .
    • It allows different cycles of loading and unloading .
    • It is apt for all type of terrain .


        • The Menard Pressuremeter can reach pressures up to 10Mpa.
        • It is ideal for low resistance terrains with difficulties in its walls stability.